Friday, 9 January 2009

Golf PUNK League 2009

Asalamualaikum and welcome to GolfPUNK Season 2009.
Due to popular demand, the league is activated again
with a slightly different format in terms of playing during weekends.


The League will be managed by a committee whose decision in all matters shall be final. All play shall be in accordance with the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status as approved by R&A Rules Limited and the Local Rules of the host club, as approved by the Committee.

The League is open to all amateur golfers. The Committee reserves the right to assign handicaps as they deem fit, within reason and as allowed within the Rules of the USGA Handicapping System.

There is no limit to the number of players for the season. The Committee also reserves the rights to accept or refuse any entry without providing any reasons whatsoever.

Punk Weekend
  • The league will be held every fortnight on weekend mornings, beginning on the 23rd Jan 2009 & 25th Jan 2009. This is to accomodate government civil servants, businessmen, students, housewives and private company employees who cannot play at the same time.
  • The only time all GolfPUNKS must play together are during 'The Minors' and 'The Play-Offs'.
  • Points will be displayed on the League's official blog: the following Monday.
  • Prizes in the form of either cash or trophies will be given to the Top 3 Nett winners and Top 3 Gross winners.

Mode of Play
The mode of play shall be 18 holes of Strokeplay System 36.
  • After Week 6, all established GolfPUNK players will be given a handicap by the Committee and the following league games will then use Strokeplay as its mode of play.
  • Points ranging from 10 to 1 will be given to the Top 10 Nett scores of the Punk Weekend.
  • The remaining players who are not in the Top 10 will be given only 1 point for attendance.
  • The Top 3 Nett and Top 3 Gross winners are eligible to play in the season ending Play-Offs held in either November or December.
The Minors and the Play-Offs
  • 3 Major tournaments known as The MINORS will be held every 3-4 months with The Play-Offs held as the season-ending Grand Finale.
  • The Minors is a slightly bigger tournament where every GolfPUNK must play at the same venue at the same time. There will be novelty prizes and lucky draws for the Minors.
  • The Play-Offs are only eligible for the TOP 30-ranked players in the league and also any Nett and Gross Winners during any of the Punk Weekends.
  • The Winner of the Play-Offs will receive a Champions Trophy and named '2009 GolfPUNK of the Year'.
Main Venue will be RBA Golf Club but may move to other golf courses according to the club's slot availability.

  • Week 1: 23rd Jan(Fri) & 25th Jan(Sun)
  • Week 2: 6th Feb(Fri) & 8th Feb(Sun)
  • Week 3: 20th Feb(Fri) & 22nd Feb(Sun)
  • Week 4: 6th Mar(Fri) & 8th Mar(Sun)
  • Week 5: 20th Mar(Fri) or 22nd Mar(Sun)
  • Week 6: 3rd Apr(Fri) & 5th Apr(Sun)
  • Week 7: 17th Apr(Fri) & 19th Apr(Sun) - MINOR
  • Week 8: 1st May(Fri) & 3rd May(Sun)
  • Week 9: 15th May(Fri) & 17th May(Sun)
  • Week 10: 29th May(Fri) & 31st May(Sun)
  • Week 11: 12th Jun(Fri) & 14th Jun(Sun)
  • Week 12: 26th Jun(Fri) & 28th Jun(Sun)
  • Week 13: 10th Jul(Fri) & 12th Jul(Sun) - MINOR
  • Week 14: 24th Jul(Fri) & 26th Jul(Fri)
  • Week 15: 7th Aug(Fri) & 9th Aug(Sun)
  • Week 16: 2nd Oct(Fri) & 4th Oct(Sun)
  • Week 17: 16th Oct(Fri) & 18th Oct(Sun)
  • Week 18: 30th Oct(Fri) & 1st Nov(Sun)
  • Week 19: 13th Nov(Fri) & 15th Nov(Sun)
  • Week 20: 27th Nov(Fri) & 29th Nov(Sun) - MINOR

*Note: All dates shown above for MINORS are subject to change.

The Organiser, Committee and its sponsors will not accept any responsibility for loss of equipment, harm, bodily injuries or death to participants during the tournament.

Registration Fee
Annual Admin Fee = BND$5
Punk Week Fee = BND$10
Green Fee = Self-funded ie Sendiri Bayar.


Pg Md Fakhrul Amiruddin
TEL: +673 8732595

Md Nazree
TEL: +673 8633438

Ampuan Airul
TEL: +673 8987818

Rules Secretary
Francis Chiew
TEL: +673 8188618

Ordinary Member
Hj Rijal Hj Kassim
TEL:+673 8777787

Ordinary Member
Pg Anak Hishamuddin
TEL: +673 8723323

Ordinary Member
Ak Yusri
TEL: +673 8711515

Ordinary Member
Idham Maswadi
TEL: +673 8738772

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