Monday, 30 July 2007

The Sunday Shootout

With Ramadhan just around the corner, Bruneian golfers are coming down to golf courses like there's no tommorow. GolfPUNKS is no exception to this and yes, it's that time of the week again, it's GolfPUNK week.

GolfPUNK is proud to present to you EVENT #4:
RBA Golf Club
Sunday 5th August 2007

Best Gross
Best Nett 1, 2 and 3
Nearest to the Pin Hole#2, 12 and 16.
(Prizes sponsored by Mr Brian Sim)

Confirmed players so far:
1.) Ahmad Izat Hj Zaimi(1)
2.) Nazree Hj Abu Bakar(5)
3.) Mazran Hj Jamin(10)
4.) Ak Zainal Yusri Pg Hj Johari(11)
5.) Hj Idham Maswadi Hj Mashud(14)
6.) Pg Md Fakhrul Amiruddin Pg Hj Md Salleh(19)
7.) Ak Shahrul Pg Dr Hj Ismail(25)
8.) Fakhrudin Pehin Hj Salim(33)
9.) Ibrahim Hj Sabli(37)
10.) Md Hasnol Hj Ali(41)
11.) Hj Abd Rahim Derus(43)
12.) Dzairenny Hj Muslim (52)
13.) Pg Md Khairul Ariffin Pg Hj Md Salleh(58)
14.) Brian Sim
15.) Yusof Fadli Hj Sidek
16.) Ak Aki
17.) Ariffin Othman
18.) Ahmad Omar Pehin Hj Hussain
19.) Samsul Lookman
20.) Noorhaimzamdin Hj Mosbi
21.) Hj Amir Hj Masri
22.) Ahmad Shairiudin

Limited slots for this event.
Please confirm your participation by Thursday 2nd August 2007.
Contact us at 8732595/8633438 or write down in the comments section of this post.


Friday, 27 July 2007


One wisecrack punk wrote, "We may not hit great shots, we may not have the best equipment, we may never break 100 BUT we love teeing up and hitting that tiny white ball into that tin cup(eventually). We like our golf to be serious and brutal. (Although our scores may make everyone laugh)."

And let me just add, WE ARE ALSO ABLE TO SUBMIT PROPERLY WRITTEN SCORECARDS. We may be still learning this weird game of golf as we go along, but we actually don't have to write like kindergarten children.

Now learn this, below are examples of properly and badly written scorecards.

So please help the committee do their job of sorting out the scores faster (so they can eat together with the others too) by following these simple guidelines:
(So the next time you enter a bigger tourney, you won't be embarrassed)

1. Write clearly with decent sized numbers.

2. Just write down the actual strokes your marker and you yourself take. (Any other numbers in those agonisingly small boxes are too confusing)

3. Write down your front 9 and back 9 scores on its appropriate boxes.

4. After you complete your round, sit down with your marker to finalise and confirm each holes' score. Then each of you sign the scorecard off and submit it to the committee. (This actually takes less than 5 minutes)

5. To finalise a scorecard, you actually have to workout your gross score (total strokes) and your nett score (total strokes minus handicap) and write it down on your scorecard and again, sign it.

6. If, during a round, you and your marker have a dispute over a ruling, you are allowed to play two balls for that hole and write down your two scores for that hole. After you complete your round, contact the committee to get a ruling and finalise a score for that particular hole and

7. Please be honest with your scores!

REMEMBER!!! Signing a scorecard with scores that don't add up to the total scores result in disqualification in the tournament. Therefore it is imperative for you and your marker to be responsible for your own scores.

Let's make golf a fun and honest game for everyone.

Play the ball as it lies
Play the course as you find it
And if you can't do either, do what is fair
But to do what is fair, you need to
know The Rules of Golf.
- The R&A Rule Book

Monday, 23 July 2007


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(after The July Classic, 22nd July 2007)
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The Punk News Daily, only available at the finest bookstores and magazine stands
The Amir wall, as per requested. (If you created this league)Clockwise: Fadzlan winner of Longest Drive at 18, Mohd Hakim winner of Nearest To Pin at 12, Hj Idham winner of Nearest To Pin at 2 and Hj Idham looking ecstatic with the midget-sized award. The other punk is Hj Amir.Clockwise: Pg A Hishamuddin Runner Up winner, Amir receiving on behalf of Norman (Best gross), Yus receiving on behalf of Hj Mat Zin (2nd Runner Up) and The July Classic Champion Asmadi. The other punk is Ronfaisal. Left: Asmadi Puteh, The July Classic Champion. Right: the rest of us
See you Punks in the next event!!!

Sunday, 22 July 2007


1230PM - 22ND JULY 2007 - RBAGC
Weather forecast: Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. High 32C Low 23C. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%. Humidity 68%. Pressure 1008mb. Sunset 1837hrs. (

1st Flight Hole 1
1. Izat Hj Zaimi
2. Nazree Hj Abu Bakar
3. Ak Zainal Yusri Pg Hj Johari
4. Pg Amiruddin Pg Hj Salleh

2nd Flight Hole 2
1. Hj Rijal Hj Kassim
2. Norman Arthur
3. Haironi Hj Kamis
4. Hannika Erwan

3rd Flight Hole 3
1. Pg A Hishamuddin
2. Ronfaisal Hj Roger
3. Fadzlan Hj Annuar
4. Md Saufee Pehin Hj Abdullah

4th Flight Hole 4
1. Pg Ali AHA
2. Md Azrin Masrah
3. Hj Md Sabri Hj Ahmad

5th Flight Hole 5
1. Hj Idham Maswadi Hj Mashud
2. Ak Rezauddin Pg Hj Limbang
3. Ak Shahrul Pg Hj Ismail
4. Pg Khairul Pg Hj Salleh

6th Flight Hole 6
1. Mazran Hj Jamin
2. Hj Ramli Hj Bungsu
3. Hj Abd Rahim Derus
4. Hj Sabirin Hj Hamid

7th Flight Hole 15
1. Md Azmye Hj Alamin
2. Fakhruddin Pehin Hj Salim
3. Dzairenny Hj Muslim

8th Flight Hole 16
1. Norazmi Yussof
2. Ibrahim Sabli
3. Hamdillah

9th Flight Hole 17
1. Md Lutfi Abdullah
2. Hj Yussof
3. Abdul Rahim Jumat
4. Hj Mohd Zain

10th Flight Hole 18
1. Hj Amir Hj Masri
2. Hj Zainurasri Hj Abdullah
3. Pg Sofidzan Pg Hj Masri
4. Adimulyadi

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Attention fellow GolfPUNKs,

After careful consideration and trying to putt at Pantai Mentiri Golf Club today, the GolfPUNK committee has decided to postpone the Pantai Punk Classic to the month of August. This is due to the greens at Pantai Mentiri being repaired for the whole month of July.
I'm sure we all would love to putt on the greens rather than seeing our balls bob up and down towards the cup.

So the next event's venue is changed to the RBA Golf Club.
Prizes: Best Gross & Best Nett 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Green fee for non-members:
- $70(new punks)
- $67(old punks)
For PC members & RBA Staff:
- $55(new punks)
- $52(old punks)

1.) Avoid SLOW PLAY.
2.) Please write clearly on your scorecards and only your scores and those you're marking.
3.) Only one mulligan allowed at the first hole you start at.
4.) Please finish your putts and do not pick it up, this is a competition.
5.) After the round is over, please hand in your scorecards to the tournament organisers.
6.) No food on this event.

Below are confirmed players:
1. Capt. Hj Rijal Hj Kassim(2)
2. Izat Hj Zaimi(4)
3. Md Nazree Hj Abu Bakar(5)
4. Mazran Hj Jamin(7)
5. Ak Zainal Yusri Pg Hj Johari (9)
6. Hj Amir Hj Masri (10)
7. Hj Idham Maswadi Hj Mashud (11)
8. Mohd Azmye Alamin(12)
9. Capt. Pg Amiruddin Pg Hj Salleh (15)
10. Ak Md Rezauddin Pg Hj Md Limbang(16)
11. Pg A Hishamuddin(19)
12. Hj ZainurAsri Hj Abdullah(20)
13. Ak Shahrul Pg Dr Hj Ismail(23)
14. Hj Ramli Hj Bongsu(24)
15. Md Saufee Pehin Hj Abdullah
16. Ronfaisal Hj Roger
17. Fadzlan Hj Annuar
18. Hamdilah
19. Haji Abdul Rahim bin Derus
20. Haironni Hj Kamis
21. Md Hanika Erwan
22. Norazmi bin Yussof
23. Ibrahim Hj Sabli
24. Abdul Rahim Jumat
25. Mohd. Lutfi Abdullah
26. Hj Yusoff Hj Abdul Latif
27. Mohd Azrin bin Masrah
28. Hj Md Sabri Hj Ahmad
29. Adimulyadi
30. Norman Arthur
31. Pg Ali 'AHA'
32. Pg Khairul Pg Hj Salleh
33. Pg Sofidzan Pg Hj Masri
34. Fakhruddin Pehin Hj Salim
35. Dzairenny Hj Muslim
36. Capt. Hj Sabirin Hj Hamid
37. Hj Mohd Zain

Please confirm your participation by Thursday 19th July 2007.
Contact us at 8732595/8633438 or write down in the comments section of this post.


Saturday, 7 July 2007


AssalamuAlaykum and Greetings GolfPUNKS!

Yesterday's 2nd Round League game came full circle as the RBA Golf Course was raided by punks of all shape, sizes, swings and colours. A warm welcome to the new joiners and hello again to the members of GolfPUNKS 2007-2008 who made the event a success.

A long and glorious golfing morning started with 25 Punks roughing out the searing July heat. There were missed putts for birdies, pars, bogeys, doubles, triples and so forth. Balls were lost, found again and then eventually lost. Some mulligans were taken, but not that many.

But in the end when all is said and done, the golfer is alone, fighting against his inner demons, his ball, mother nature and the course. Some of you may be new players who've only just started playing and some might be seasoned amateurs. However long we've played and whatever background we've come from, we stand united as golfers, searching for the perfect swing and the lowest score.

A quick note on the league structure:
1.) Every player will automatically get one point when they play a GolfPUNK event.
2.) Players in the Top 10 of a League event will gets points ranging from 10 points to 1 point.
3.) The TOP 10 ranked players will be awarded prizes and trophies at the end of season MINOR event. There are also novelty prizes and lucky draws. A mid-season MINOR will also be announced soon.
4.) The season is a 9 month long season and will end in March 2008.
5.) Only players who play a minimum of 4 events are valid for the FINAL SEASON RANKINGS.
6.) The league is open to any golfers with a decent swing and can hit the ball without killing himself or anyone on his flight. Who says golf isn't dangerous?

click to enlarge

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Congratulations to the winner of THE IVANTY, Monsieur IZAT HJ ZAIMI who scored a spectacular score of 90 with his 24 handicap. Rest assured his handicap will be reduced. The aim of the league is firstly to play golf regularly amongst friends and acquaintances. Secondly to compete against our fellow golfers and to improve our golfing ability, be it our driving, iron play, chipping and putting. And most importantly to learn this beautiful game of golf, of its rules and regulations and improve our manners and etiquette.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


RBA Golf CLub
Friday 6th July 2007
$50 with lunch + $5 joining fee($2 for existing members)

Below are the flight allocation(subject to change):

1st Flight: Hole 10

1. Sheikh Lukman Shiekh Hamid
2. Md Nazree Hj Abu Bakar(2)
3. Ak Noor Azmi
4. Sufi Amin

2nd Flight: Hole 10
1. Mohamad Hakim Chua(8)
2. Aidy Yusoff
3. Suhardi
4. Gaddafi

1st Flight: Hole 11

1. Ak Zainal Yusri
2. Pg Zamreen Pg Hj Mahalee(7)
3. Riaz Amin(4)
4. Ak Reza

2nd flight: Hole 11
1. Izat Hj Zaimi
2. Azril Nizam
3. Hj Amir
4. Hasnol

1st flight: Hole 12

1. Fadzlin Hassan(1)
2.Pg Amiruddin Pg Hj Md Salleh(10)
3. Sayuti Ghani
4. Pg Hisham

2nd flight: Hole 12

1. Hj Rijal Hj Kassim(3)
2. Irwanizam
3. Hj ZainurAsri Hj Abdullah
4. Aizul Aziz

1st flight: Hole ??
1. Hj Ramli Hj Bongsu
2. Mazran Hj Md Jamin
3. Mohd Azmye Alamin(6)

For those interested to join, email or text us at 8633438/8732595.
See you punks next week with your golf gear, your 'A' game and the green fee.

Be there or stay home and sleep!