Thursday, 30 August 2007

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Monday, 27 August 2007


Sunday 2nd Sept 2007
Tee-time: 1230pm

Prizes:(Sponsored by FlyBoy)
Best Gross
Best Nett 1,2 and 3
Nearest to the Pin Hole 2, 12and 14.
Longest Drive Hole 18

Confirmed Players:
1. Mohd Nazree Hj Abu Bakar(1)
2. Ahmad Izat Hj Zaimi(3)
3. Riaz Amin(4)
4. Ak Zainal Yusri Pg Hj Johari(5)
5. Aminor Hj Jamin (6)
6. Hj Rijal Hj Kassim(7)
7. Ariffin Othman(10)
8. Pg Anak Hishamuddin(11)
9. Hj Amir Hj Masri(19)
10. Mohd Azmye Alamin(20)
11. Md Hasnol Hj Ali(21)
12. Ak Rezauddin Pg Hj Limbang(26)
13. Pg Md Fakhrul Amiruddin Pg Hj Md Salleh(29)
14. Aidy Yusop(38)
15. Julian Kamaluddin
16. Juswira Hj Momin

Be there or go to a Sunday Wedding!

Assalamualaykum and greetings fellow GolfPUNKS,

It's GolfPUNK week again and time to bring out the golf clubs and prepare battle at the RBA Golf Course for the SUNDAY SEPT SHOWDOWN.
Congratulations to our new league leader that is GolfPUNK organiser, Mohd Nazree Hj Abu Bakar aka Wave. It seems that we have a very strong and deep group of punks as there seems to be a constant change of hands on the leaderboard every week.

GolfPUNKS and other Venues.

Up to today, we have 76 GolfPUNK members in Brunei alone. We may extend our membership overseas. We've also had a lot of request from various punks asking whether we can play at Eastwood in Miri, Panaga in KB and even Pebble Beach in the US.
All are good ideas. At one time or another, we will move the venue around. Possibly Jerudong, Panaga and maybe even Eastwood. Remember the season ends in March next year so we have a long way to go.

We've had one or two inquiries from punks inquiring why their handicap has drastically gone low. Well, this is what we do. Because we're not smart enough to calculate handicaps, we bought this handicap software called IntelliGolf. We input all your scores hole by hole into the software and depending on the index holes, course rating and slope rating of the course, it gives out a handicap.
The reason why your handicap has lowered is because you punks are playing well, playing under, getting pars on the index holes and generally kicking the ass out of the golf course. Be proud and happy your handicap has lowered. After all golf is about self-improvement. Not just winning those cheap medals we give out.
So if you have a problem with your new handicap, talk to the makers of IntelliGolf. If you don't like IntelliGolf, feel free to purchase for us a better handicap software. We at GolfPUNKS love anything free.

There are 2 minors in this league. One sometime in November and one in March next year. As a reminder, Punks must play a minimum of 4 events to be eligible to play in a Minor.
In the Minors, the points are slightly different. Top 15 will get points 15 to 1.
Also there will be more prizes like Lucky Draws, Longest Drive, Nearest to the Pin, Top 5 Nett, Top 5 Gross, Most Active Player, Most Handsome Player and Most Ugly Player. Even a Hole in One prize.
The Venue of the first Minor will be at RBA and the entry fee will be the green fee plus an additional $15.

Buayas and how to deal with them.

From reading the chatboard, there are some unhappy punks. This is my advice, if you think someone isn't making a proper drop and ruling, then bloody say so to them on the spot and not after the game. Tell them diplomatically, like so:

"Eh ji, banarnya mesti drop dibelakang tu and not nearer to the hole" or

"Kalau OB, mesti mengambat sekali lagi or play a provisional ball if kita inda sure iya OB or not" or

"Ngian, setau pramba, mesti drop within 2 club length, pasal bula kita alum cross water hazard tadi"

or you can just keep quiet and let him make wrong drops and thus make a wrong score and let them win unfairly. The choice is yours.

To those punks who aren't sure of the rules or forgot the rules or think they know the right rules but don't, here's what i have to say to you:

Golf is a game of honesty and integrity. And golfers talk. They will tell their friends of those who don't make the correct ruling and drops. They will talk behind your back and you'll earn a reputation. So even though you think people don't know, they do know.
Plus Allah knows so abis lah.

So if you're not sure about a ruling, don't be afraid to ask. This is a game of self-improvement, not just on our swing and game but also on golf rules and etiquette.

Anyway, i hope all you Punks can remind yourselves that Golf is only a Game(The Game).
Take it seriously, have fun, play well, don't cheat and kalau dapat, sponsor hadiah.
So see you all on Sunday 2nd Sept 2007 for the SUNDAY SEPT SHOWDOWN.

FlyBoy(presently No 29 in the league)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


As promised, the event that separates the men from the boys, GolfPUNKS are proud to present to you:

Pantai Mentiri Golf Club
Sunday 19th August 2007
Tee-times: 1230-1pm

Prizes (sponsored by HarimauBogel):
Best Gross
Best Nett 1,2 and 3
Nearest to the Pin Hole 7 and Hole 16
Longest Drive Hole 18

Confirmed players:
Ahmad Izat Hj Zaimi (2, The Ivanty Champion)
2.) Riaz Amin (3)
3.) Ak Zainal Yusri Pg Hj Johari (4)
Nazree Hj Abu Bakar (6)
5.) Fadzlin Hassan (7, The Open Champion)
6.) Aminor Hj Jamin (8, Brian Sim's The Sunday Shootout Champion)
7.) Mazran Hj Jamin (9)
8.) Pg Anak Hishamuddin (13)
Ariffin Othman (17)
10.) Ak Rezauddin Pg Hj Limbang (24)
11.) Ak Shahrul Pg Hj Ismail (25)
12.) Md Hasnol Hj Ali (29)
13.) Zailani (40)
14.) Gaddafi (42)
15.) Fadzlan Hj Annuar (48)
16.) Pg Sofidzan Pg Hj Masri (60)
17.) Dzairenny Hj Muslim (61)
18.) Hamdillah (64)
19.) Pg Shahrul
20.) Ashadil Hadanan (2006 King of Par 3)
21.) Ramlee Hj Abd Rahman
22.) Muazzam DP Hj Abd Mokti

- All punks to register at Hole 1, Pantai Mentiri Golf Club for briefing by 1245pm.
- Bring plenty of water and and umbrella for protection.
- No food for this event but refreshments are available at the driving range or clubhouse.

Closing date Thursday 16th August. Any later and it might not be entertained.
I will be outstation so please contact HarimauBogel@8723323, Wave@8633438 or Riaz@8870336

Be there or go to a Sunday Wedding!