Thursday, 27 September 2007

Ak Yusri's Quicky with The Fly.

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Monday, 24 September 2007

GolfPUNKS Trailer 1

Ramadhan is upon us and everyone is happily fasting with family and friends, at home and at work and even at the golf course. So a rundown on the season so far:

- The 7 events have been a flying success with 7 different winners and currently we have a new leader, Ak Zainal Yusri also known as R&AL. Leading the league with 34 points, his nearest contender is Md Nazree who is 7 points adrift. His 7 top tens in 7 events is an amazing feat of consistency, skill and tahan lasak.

- The collection money so far is just over B$500. We will be using that for the Minors which will be held in November on the 10th event. We're also looking to find any sponsors cause we're a cheap skint league who charge members only $2 per game(Now everyone can play golf!). We accept any free donations like guni baras, EASI pre-paid cards and any part of your life-savings.
By the way, the fee for the Minor would probably increase to either $10 or $15 depending on how skint we are.

- Remember, the Minors require you to play a minimum of 4 GolfPUNK events so to see how many you've played, look at the GolfPUNK league table on the sidebar. Presently only 13 members are eligible to play in the Minors.
So because we guys at GolfPUNK are generous plus we need your kitty money to buy trophies and prizes, we are reducing the number of minimum requirements to 2. Yes, we're desperate!

- This Wednesday afternoon 26th Sept 07, at 3pm at RBA Golf Course, that hunky punk HarimauBogel is organising a 9 hole event. Winner gets Kurma and a sleeve of golf balls. For more details, ask HarimauBogel at the PUNK Chatboard!

- Next post will be: AN INTERVIEW WITH A GOLFPUNK!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

PANTAI PUNK version 2.0

With Ramadhan just around the corner, GolfPUNKs are proud to give you the final event before the 6 week break. Looking at the polls, it seems many are inclined to play at Pantai. So for those of you who needs points to move up the table, what are you waiting for, sign up now!

PANTAI PUNK version 2.0

Pantai Mentiri Golf Club
Sunday 9th September 2007
Tee-time: 0654, 0702, 0710, 0718am

Prizes(Sponsored by Arif and Danial):
Best Gross
Best Nett #1, 2 and 3
Nearest to Pin Hole 9 and 13
Longest Drive Hole 18

Confirmed Players:
1. Ak Zainal Yusri Pg Hj Johari(1)
2. Mohd Nazree Hj Abu Bakar(2)
3. Riaz Amin(3)
4. Ahmad Izat Hj Zaimi(5, The Ivanty Champion)
5. Aminor Hj Jamin(7, The Sunday Shootout Champion)
6. Pg Amiruddin Pg Hj Md Salleh(9, The Sunday Showdown Champion)
7. Pg A Hishamuddin(12)
8. Dzairenny Hj Muslim(13)
9. Julian Kamaluddin(22)
10. Md Hasnol Hj Ali(25)
11. Ak Shahrul PDP Dr Hj Ismail(31)
12. Juswira Putra Hj Momin(33)
13. Hj Yusoff Latip(36)
14. Aidy bin Yusop(37)
15. Hj Suhaini Hj Suhaili(45)
16. Hj Zaini Mohamad(45)
17. Romzi Harun(45)
18. Zailani(45)
19. Captain Khalidkhan Asmakhan
20. Hj Maksudi
21. Phua Ah Hua
22. Imay Hendra
23. Hj Md Rahimin Hj Ismail
24. Zulehram Yakub
25. Pg Shahrul Bahri Pg Ali
26. Kadri

- All punks to register at Clubhouse.
- Bring plenty of water, an umbrella and apply sun block for protection.
- Refreshments(water and bananas) will be available at Tee box Hole 1 and 10.
- There will be food after the event at the clubhouse. Please give your scorecards at the clubhouse.

So sign up now by contacting

Be there or go to another Sunday Wedding!